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From: "Ms. Joan Gates" [email protected]>
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Subject: Re: Can I Trust You? If Yes Please Reply Back To Me Immediately. Thanks
Date: 11 Sep 2019 21:25:15 -0700
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<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>Dear Sir/Madam,</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft></P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>
I have been diagnosed with COLON CANCER and already given short notice to l=
ive as stated by doctors report. I have assignment for you to manage the su=
m of $9,000,000 USD and give a huge part of the fund to orphanages of your =
choice. I know you may ask why I'm not giving the money to relatives or my =
children; we never had any children though. My relatives misused the money =
I gave to them as they keep asking for more money, which is against my wish=
 and goal as a philanthropist. <BR><BR>
Kindly send to me the following information so I can make a LETTER OF AUTHO=
RIZATION FOR CLAIM on your behalf as the recipient/beneficiary of this fund=
 which I will in your name and give to my doctor. Please contact me now bef=
ore it's too late by my email address. Email: [email protected]</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft></P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>I will need the following information from you;</=
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft></P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>1. YOUR FULL NAMES:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>2. YOUR CONTACT ADDRESS:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>3. YOUR NATIONALITY:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>4. COUNTRY WHERE YOU NOW LIVE:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>5. YOUR AGE/DATE OF BIRTH:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>6. MALE/FEMALE:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>7. YOUR JOB/COMPANY:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>8. YOUR MOBILE NUMBER:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>9. YOUR REACHABLE EMAIL ADDRESS:</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft></P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>I will be waiting to hear from you. Remember that=
 my time here on earth is very short.</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft></P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>Mrs. Joan R. Gates (Patient)</P>
<P dir=3Dltr align=3Dleft>Email-To: [email protected]</P>
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